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Canceled – Brunswick County / Green Swamp — Saturday

Meet up will be at the intersection of Yarborough St SW & Ocean Isle Beach Rd SW located in Shallotte, NC. Map coordinates are provided to help you navigate to this location. Please click on the images provided to assist you with locating this site. A link to a Google Map of the location is provided below under Venue. Map coordinates are: 33.91954°N,-78.44591°E (dd.ddddd° format); 33°55.172’N, 78°26.755’W (dd°mm.mmm’ format); 33°55’10.3″N, 78°26’45.3″W (dd°mm’ss.s” format)

After arrival we will check the chinquapins for Oak Hairstreaks, then continue to the Green Swamp Preserve.

There are no public facilities or amenities at either location that will be visited during this walk. Please bring with you any beverages, snack, or food that you will require for an enjoyable experience. It is recommended that you use good bug spray, wear long sleeves and pants, sturdy or hiking shoes.

The nearest town of Supply, NC located about 10 miles away from the Green Swamp Preserve has assorted fast food restaurants. The nearest town for lodging is about 30 miles away in Wilmington, NC. Participants are responsible for their own transportation, meals, and lodging costs.

Saturday – Southwest Mountains of NC

Meeting place and time: At a paved parking area along the southeast side of US 64, about 0.2-mile mile east of where the Appalachian Trail crosses the highway. This parking area is located perhaps 5 miles west of where Wayah Road meets US 64. We will meet at 10:30 AM on Saturday, May 12. It likely will be a bit chilly at 3500 feet elevation, and we want to allow plenty of time for folks to drive to the site on Saturday morning without having to spend Friday night in Franklin. We will meet again at this parking area on Sunday, but we will meet on Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Butterflying locations include various sites west of the meeting place, such as the Wasilik Poplar area, possibly Wayah and Wind Spring Balds. Definitely the Buck Creek area in eastern Clay County; this area will be our main focus.

Targets: Tawny Crescent (should see), Gorgone Checkerspot (rare and not likely, but at least was formerly at a site where we will visit), Dusted Skipper, Indian Skipper (perhaps a tad early), Northern Crescent, Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail, Dusky Azure and Silvery Blue (maybe a tad late for them), West Virginia White, Appalachian Azure, Pepper and Salt Skipper. Lots of very rare possibilities (as if we will see a Gray Comma, Green Comma, Early Hairstreak, or Golden Banded-Skipper!)

There are many motels in Franklin. However, rates will not be inexpensive, as May is semi-high season, and of course we will be here on a weekend.



Sunday — Weymouth Woods / Sandhills Gamelands

Participants are to provide their own transportation, meals, and lodging and all costs associated with this field trip.

The final plan for the Day 2 sites will be determined at the end of Day 1 but will probably be in the area of Sandhills Gamelands.

Road conditions in the Sandhills Gamelands can be tricky at times but we have not had issues recently. The roads are sand and are fairly solid but after wet weather can be difficult. It is recommended that you bring additional snacks, food, and beverages as during the walk we will be away from public facilities. You can pack a picnic lunch or stop for lunch on the way. Wear long sleeves and pants, sturdy shoes or hiking footwear, and any other items you may require for a pleasant butterflying experience.

The nearest city of Southern Pines offers many upscale restaurants in addition to fast food fare. Lodging accommodations are also available in Southern Pines.

Sandhills Gamelands

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

We will meet in the parking lot. The trails are mostly sand with some rocky areas and hills. Please wear appropriate footwear such as sturdy or hiking shoes. Gas stations and restaurants are within a couple of miles from the Preserve. It is recommended you bring water, lunch or snacks, camera, binoculars, field guides, and any other items you may require to have an enjoyable experience. Wearing long pants, sunscreen, hat is advised. Use of bug spray may be needed. Please note that there are no amenities at this location such as a public restroom or water fountain.

Target species is the Brown Elfin.