Welcome to the Carolina Butterfly Society website!

For 2023, several walks have been scheduled to search for early-season butterflies. We will follow all applicable COVID-19 local restrictions and CDC recommendations. Please refer to the Events Calendar for upcoming walks and any additional requirements and/or restrictions.

Your chapter coordinator should keep you appraised of the status of upcoming walks and can be contacted for additional information.

Carolina Butterfly Society PO Box

There has been some confusion recently about where membership dues should be sent. An outdated/incorrect/old mailing address was recently included on The Chrysalis, the CBS newsletter. The Greensboro, NC, PO Box return address shown on the outside of the newsletter is INCORRECT and has been inactive for several years. Please, DO NOT SEND any membership payment checks or other correspondence to this old Greensboro PO Box address. Mail sent to this inactive PO Box will probably (hopefully) be returned to the sender as “undeliverable” by USPS.

The Mooresville, NC, PO Box address shown on the inside of the newsletter is CORRECT. The full current (and correct) mailing address is:

Carolina Butterfly Society
PO Box 1407
Mooresville, NC 28115

Who Are We?

Carolina Butterfly Society (aka CBS) emphasizes identifying and watching butterflies in the field and garden rather than collecting them. Every season we organize several butterflying field trips to the various biogeographic regions of the Carolinas. We offer members a quarterly newsletter and member only field trips. Local chapters may also offer special member only activities and benefits.

Members of the Society include people who are:

  • Gardeners who like to attract butterflies to their flower, herb, or vegetable gardens (aka Backyard Butterfliers)
  • Bird-watchers who have found a new focus for their enthusiasm
  • Amateur naturalists who like to learn about all aspects of the natural world
  • Photographers, artists, and crafts people who like to incorporate butterfly designs in such things as papermaking and graphic arts
  • Professional biologists who are interested in collecting data on the butterfly fauna of the Carolinas
  • Educators who teach in public schools, as well as in nature centers