One of the most frustrating things about studying butterflies is trying to identify what is flying around out there (or crawling, the in case of caterpillars). These web sites have photos that are not only beautiful to look at, but may help with identification.

Ann’s Butterfly Garden
Photos From Ann’s Garden in Columbia, SC. A web site on butterfly gardening in South Carolina.

Butterflies of America
Butterflies of America has the best list of species and subspecies in North America.

User-submitted observations and sightings of butterflies. Submissions are verified by experts. Ideal for recording group observations. Interactive maps and checklists.

An interactive community in which users submit observations and sightings of butterflies as well as other insects, plants, and animals. Submissions are peer reviewed for accuracy.

Jeff Pippen’s Nature Home Page
Member Jeff has photos and articles about Leps, odes, birds, and much, much more.

North America Butterfly Photos
A delightful gallery of photos taken with the Nikon CoolPix 995. Will’s gallery contains photos of 134 species of butterflies and is still growing.

The Butterfly Website
Photos, Conservation information, educational material for teachers,  lots of material oriented for children.