Midlands Chapter — Sumter National Forest Enoree District — May 18, 2017

Carolina Butterfly Society Midlands Chapter Trip Report
Sumter National Forest Enoree District, Newberry County

May 18, 2017

On May 18, the Midlands Chapter tried a weekday trip hoping that we would have some folks come who usually are unavailable on weekends. It worked. We had eleven participants – Dennis Forsythe (leader), Pat and Jerry Bright, John Demko, Rusty Wilson, Caroline Eastman, Jeff Kline, Tom Austin, Matthew Prioleau and Dave and Marty Kastner. The weather was partly cloudy and in the afternoon became sunny. Temps were in the 80’s. There had been no recent rain so the roads were not damp and we did not find the numbers of road puddling butterflies that we had expected, however we had a great time and some people added to their life lists.

Cromer Road and Cromer G Road
Spicebush Swallowtail 1
Cloudless Sulphur 1
Eastern Tailed-Blue 3
Pearl Crescent 1
Question Mark 2
Eastern Comma 1
Anglewing species 1
Common Buckeye 1
Red-spotted Purple 2
Carolina/Intricate Satyr 1
Little Wood Satyr 2
Silver-spotted Skipper 1
Northern Cloudywing 13
Southern Cloudywing 11
Hoary Edge 4
Swarthy Skipper 9
Crossline Skipper 7
Zabulon Skipper 7

Asias Branch Road
Zebra Swallowtail 6
Eastern Tailed-Blue 2
Summer Azure 4
Banded Hairstreak 2
American Lady 1
Common Buckeye 2
Red-spotted Purple 2
Question Mark 2
Anglewing species 4
Little Wood Satyr 2
Satyr species 2
Northern Cloudywing 9
Southern Cloudywing 9
Hoary Edge 4
Crossline Skipper 1
Clouded Skipper 2
Zabulon Skipper 9

Brick House Road
Eastern Tailed-Blue 2
Red-spotted Purple 2
Carolina/Intricate Satyr 1

Flint Hill Road
Question Mark 4
Anglewing species 6

Marty Kastner