Forsyth County NABA Count – August 22, 2015

For our annual count preliminary numbers, we now have 49 species and 607 butterflies. I’ve been through all of my images but will send a couple off to Harry L for confirmation. But I don’t think the numbers will change much more. We apparently missed a couple that were around (folks sent me photos from Reynolda Village on Sunday of a Juniper Hairstreak and a Long-tailed Skipper which we missed). We also found no Anglewings which doesn’t surprise me. They have been scarce since early summer. One short power-line cut which is mowed once a year in Bethabara, provided some of my favorites, Swarthy, Crossline, Tawny-edged, Dun, and Delaware Skippers mixed in with a lot of Sachem.

We covered mostly western (Tanglewood), northwestern Pfafftown, Bethabara, and Bethania areas. We didn’t have enough personnel to cover Tanglewood and parts of Walnut Bottom Bethania Saturday. A couple of our butterfliers were missing on vacation. Maybe next year!

At any rate, these are very good numbers for here for any time of the year, especially in a poor butterfly season. Thanks to all who participated, even a couple of pop-in helpers contributed to the cause.

Good Count,
Gene S