Greater Charlotte Chapter — Anne Springs Close Greenway — June 24, 2017

On Saturday, June 24th. the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the Carolina Butterfly Society held a walk at Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill SC. Participants were Leader Carolyn Seaton, Jean Fontaine, Rob Gilson, and Chris Talkington. The weather was cloudy with a few short peaks of sunshine temps between 77 in the morning to 88 degrees in the afternoon. Very muggy. Here is the list for the day.

12 Tiger Swallowtail
1.  Red- banded Hairstreak
1.  Hairstreak Sp.
2.  Summer Azure
13 Pearl Crescent
2   Polygonia Sp.
2   American Lady
1.  Common Buckeye
2.  Hackberry Emperor
1.  Carolina Satyr
1.  Little Wood Saytr
1.  Gemmed Satyr
25. Silver-spotted Skipper
2.  Hoary Edge
1. ¬†Horace’s Duskywing
2.  Least Skipper
5.  Fiery Skipper
2.  Sachem
3.  Dun Skipper
2.  BYSSUS SKIPPER.    Our target species for the day.
2.  Clouded Skipper
1.  Ocola Skipper

–Chris Talkington