Triangle Area Butterfly Weekend – June 13-14, 2015

The weekend was a success with sunny skies, although hot temperatures in the 90’s.

On Saturday the 13th, we visited Yates Mill Park in Raleigh, Bud Webster-leader. In attendance were Ellen Brown, Dennis Burnette, Carl Ganser with three guests, Cyndy Hummel, and Greg Morris.

Butterfly sightings:

Eastern tiger swallowtail-1
American painted lady-1
American snout-2
Common buckeye-1
Pearl crescent-6
Red admmiral-1
Red-spotted purple-2
Variegated fritillary-4
Cabbage white-8

Slaty skimmer
Great blue simmer
Spangled skimmer
Twelve-spotted skimmer
Blue dasher
Ebony jewelwing
Eastern pondhawk
Eastern amberwing
Widow skimmer
Common whitetail
blue-fronted dancer

On Sunday, June 14, we visited Penny’s Bend in Durham, Bud Webster, organizer. In attendance were Ellen Brown, Randy Emmitt, Carl Ganser, and Richard Stickney.

Butterfly sightings:

Eastern tiger swallowtail-2
Zebra swallowtail-2
Pipevine swallowtail-3
Gray hairstreak-2
Banded hairstreak-1
Eastern tailed blue-9
Carolina satyr-1
Great spangled fritillary-1
Variegated fritillary-4
Pearl crescent-8
American snout-1
Red-spotted purple-2
American painted lady-3
Common buckeye-5
Cabbage white-1
Clouded skipper-1
Crossline skipper-8
Swarthy skipper-5
Fiery skipper-1
Wild indigo duskywing-13

Widow skimmer
Great blue skimmer
Slaty skimmer
Spangled skimmer
Banded pennant
Caico pennant
Halloween pennant
Black saddlebags
Carolina saddlebags
Blue-fronted dancer
Eastern pondhawk
Lancet clubtail
Black-shouldered spinyleg
Eastern amberwing

Many thanks to Ellen Brown for recording the sightings both days.

Bud Webster
Raleigh, NC