Triangle Chapter — Butterfly Garden Open House — June 21, 2017

John Jarvis and Lori Carlson hosted an open house of their extensive butterfly garden in Hillsborough, NC to CBS members and others, to show what plants work well at attracting butterflies, or serve as host plants. Visitors were welcome to bring their own plants to swap, or take home any of the giveaways to plant in their own yard. John and Lori gave personalized tours showing visitors the different host and nectar plants and explained the history of their gardening adventure. General education and information about butterflies and gardening was also provided.

The yard had been fairly absent of butterflies but the release of a dozen Monarchs that morning in the garden seemed to encourage other species to show up. A total of 24 different species were sighted during the day. About 24 people came to see the garden and take home some plants. A second open house is scheduled for August 12th when the butterflies will be at or near their peak as a follow-up.

Plants ready to be swapped or given away