Triangle Chapter — Eno River at Few’s Ford — May 10, 2017

Yesterday on May 10th, John Jarvis, Harry LeGrand, Lori Carlson, and four newcomers: Roger; Phil, Krista, and their son Damon, ventured forth to look for butterflies in the field and along the powerline cut at Few’s Ford at the Eno River State Park. Temperature was in the low 80s, no breeze, and skies were sunny.  Below are the numbers Harry recorded for the day’s butterflying observations. The group sighted 31 different species total.

Species # Seen Comments
American Lady 22
American Snout 15 quite common
Cabbage White 2
Carolina Satyr 16
Clouded Skipper 3 one female seen ovipositing
Cloudless Sulphur 2
Common Buckeye 2
Common Checkered-Skipper 1
Dun Skipper 1
Dusted Skipper 3 one female seen ovipositing
Eastern Comma 1 nectaring on privet
Eastern Tailed-Blue 4
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 12
Great Spangled Fritillary 12
HARVESTER     1 tame; on the dirt track along the east side of the field
Juniper Hairstreak 26 near state record total; fresh, worn, and in-between
Least Skipper 3
Little Glassywing 5
Little Wood-Satyr 1
Northern Cloudywing 4
Orange Sulphur 1
Pearl Crescent 7  “scarce”!
Pipevine Swallowtail 1
Sachem 2
Silver-spotted Skipper 2 low
Silvery Checkerspot 25 some fresh, but many worn; some copulating
Southern Broken-Dash 1 photographed
Spicebush Swallowtail 2
Summer Azure 15
Variegated Fritillary 1
Zabulon Skipper 11

~Lori M. Carlson
Hillsborough, NC