Triad Chapter — Poteat Farm Jamestown, NC — June 17, 2017

On Saturday, June 17, thirteen of us explored part of the Poteat Farm in Jamestown, Guilford County, until about noon. The weather was mostly overcast, very humid, with temperatures in the mid 70s. This was a joint trip with the T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society of Guilford County.

The Poteat Farm in Jamestown, which is about 70 acres, is a privately owned nature preserve along the Deep River between High Point and Greensboro. Owner Marie Poteat has reintroduced native grasses and other flowering plants in the old farm fields and wooded areas to attract butterflies, birds and other wildlife. Marie actively manages her property to reduce non-native plants.

Marie also has actively increased the number of milkweed species and numbers of milkweed plants all over the property, so butterfliers who are interested specifically in milkweeds had the rare opportunity to see and compare about a dozen milkweed species on this one site. We also found several host plants for other butterflies.

Although we had a great time seeing the plants and birds, the weather conditions were not conducive to butterflies. We saw only the following five species:

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1, Carolina Satyr 1, American Lady 2, Sachem 2, and Dun Skipper 2.

We appreciate Marie opening her property to us!

Dennis Burnette