Weymouth Woods NP NABA Count — June 15, 2017

Despite weather forecast, 4 of us counted at Weymouth on June 15. With an early start to beat incoming storms we had a Kings at 820am! In the afternoon as the rain came I continued on to the Sandhills game land portions of the count circle to add a few more things before getting totally washed out and almost struck by lightning, yikes! Not much nectar at Weymouth, some at the game lands so with better weather we could probably have a decent count. It took a little effort at Weymouth but eventually got insanely close views of both hairstreaks, like selfie close, no stick required.

7 E tiger swallowtail
9 spicebush swallowtail
2 Palamedes swallowtail
5 Kings Hairstreak (lifer for some)
4 Edwards Hairstreak (lifer for all but me, including a visiting birder/bugger from AZ)
6 E tailed blue
8 Summer Azure
3 Variegated Fritillary
3 Pearl Crescent
6 American Lady
27 Common Buckeye
1 Southern Pearly-eye (lifer for one)
4 Carolina Satyr
4 Southern Cloudywing
5 Zarucco’s Duskywing
1 Horace’s Duskywing
1 Sachem

17 sp, en easy mark to beat next year I guess…
Thanks to John, Lori and Salman for coming out!

Brian Bockhahn